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r/Robotics Showcase

An event for members of all ages and abilities to share and discuss
their passion for robotics, based around the r/Robotics subreddit

The 2023 Showcase will be held June 10th and 11th

We are pleased to announce our 3rd Reddit Robotics Showcase!

During the 2020 pandemic, members of the reddit & discord r/robotics community rallied to organize an online showcase for members of our community. What was originally envisioned as a small, intimate afternoon video call turned out to be a two day event of participants from across the world. The 2021 and 2022 events showcased a multitude of fantastic projects from the r/Robotics Reddit community, as well as academia and industry.

These events are only made possible by the enthusiasm we’ve had from our community, and we intend on continuing to provide a unique opportunity for roboticists around the world to share and discuss their work, regardless of age or ability.

This year’s event features many wonderful robots including…

The showcases are held entirely online and are free to view live or after the fact. Prior showcases can be found at Previous Programs, and all recordings can be viewed on the Reddit Robotics Showcase youtube channel.

We are delighted to have support from Wevolver, Robohub, The National Robotarium, and the IEEE-RAS Soft Robotics Podcast.