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r/Robotics Showcase

An event for members of all ages and abilities
to share and discuss their passion for robotics

2023 dates TDB

View our Previous Programs here

We are pleased to have held our 2nd Reddit Robotics Showcase!

During the pandemic, members of the reddit & discord r/robotics community rallied to organize an online showcase for members of our community. What was originally envisioned as a half-day event with one mildly interesting guest speaker, but turned out to be a two day event with an incredible roster of participants from across the world. The 2021 and 2022 events showcased a multitude of fantastic projects from the r/Robotics Reddit community, as well as academia and industry.

These events are only made possible by the enthusiasm we’ve had from our community, and we intend on continuing to provide a unique opportunity for roboticists around the world to share and discuss their work, regardless of age or ability.

We were delighted to have received support from Wevolver, Robohub, The National Robotarium, and the IEEE-RAS Soft Robotics Podcast for our 2022 showcase, who helped us to reach more people from academia and industry, and ensure we are proactive with our representation.

The showcases are held entirely online and are free to view live or after the fact. Our last event was held on July 30th & 31st 2022, and the recording can be viewed on the Reddit Robotics Showcase youtube channel.

Our Aim

The primary purpose of this event is to showcase the multitude of projects underway in the r/Robotics Reddit community. Topics range across all focuses of robotics, such as simulation, navigation, control, perception, and mechatronic design. Our showcases are intended to present discussion pieces and foster conversation between active members in the robotics community around the world. The showcase feature invited roboticists in research and industry to discuss what they see as technical challenges or interesting directions for robots. Our 2022 showcase focused on the following topics and showcase some of the amazing work being done by amateurs and academics, students and industry professionals alike. Future topics will depend on interest from the community.

  • Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV – Mobile Robots)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV – Drones)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV – Submarines, Sailboats)
  • Legged Robots (Bipeds, Quadrupeds, Hexapods)
  • Manipulation (Robot Arms, Grippers, Hands)
  • Simulation (Physical, Virtual, AI)
  • Multi-Agent & Swarm Robotics
  • Navigation, Path Planning, & Motion Planning
  • Localisation & Mapping
  • Perception & Machine Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Social Robots & Human Robot Interaction
  • Domestic & Consumer Robots
  • Commercial & Industrial Robotics
  • Search & Rescue