Sunday August 1st

Manipulation 10.00 – 12.45 EDT10.00: Keynote – Rich Walker – Shadow Robot Company11.00: Continuum Robotics – A fascinating use of mathematical modeling11.15: Makelangelo art robot11.30: Coffee Break11.45: Mimico – The Biomimicking Robot12.00: CORO – Collaborative Robot Avatar12.15: Using simple circuits to build powered exoskeletons, and giant robots12.30: Robotics CoLab – Building Robots to Learn RoboticsContinue reading “Sunday August 1st”

Saturday July 31st

Simulation: 10.00 – 12.45 EDT10.00: Keynote: Brian Gerkey – Open Robotics11.00: SBX robotics: Teaching robots how to see using synthetic data11.15: BabaCAD: Simulation and control software 11.30: Bottango: Animating robots with Bottango11.45: Coffee Break12.00: CyberBotics: SLAM and navigation with TurtleBot3, ROS2, and Webots12.30: Ready Robotics: Forge/OS 5 – An Operating System for Industrial Automation12.45: StudioContinue reading “Saturday July 31st”

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