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2021 Keynote Speakers

Saturday, 31st of July
Simulation: Brian Gerkey – Open Robotics – 10:00 EDT
Mobile Robots: Mark Emerton – UKRI – 14:00 EDT

Sunday, 1st of August
Manipulation: Rich Walker – Shadow Robot Company – 10:00 EDT
Legged Robots: Shamel Fahmi – Italian Institute of Technology – 14:00 EDT

Brian GerkeyOpen Robotics

Title: Simulation
Saturday, 31st of July, 10:00 EDT

Brian is the CEO of Open Robotics, makers of ROS, Gazebo, and Ignition. He is committed to creating open source software and hardware for the robotics community and has been a long standing icon in since his time at Willow Garage.

Mark EmertonUKRI

Title: Mobile Robots
Saturday, 31st of July, 14:00 EDT

Mark is the Senior Innovation Lead for Robots and AI of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) presenting highlights of the £112 million “Robots for a Safer World” challenge.

Rich WalkerShadow Robot Company

Title: Manipulation
Sunday, 1st of August, 10:00 EDT

Rich is the Managing Director at Shadow Robot Company “From the general to the specific why we’re building “Tactile Telerobots” and what the “sense of touch” means for robots.”

Shamel FahmiItalian Institute of Technology

Title: Legged Robots: Overview of the HyQ robots, and how to make them terrain-aware.
Sunday, 1st of August, 14:00 EDT

Shamel is a Postdoc Researcher at the Dynamic Legged Systems lab of the Italian Institute of Technology. His works on developing locomotion strategies for the quadrupedal robots: HyQ, HyQ2Max, and HyQReal. He particularly focuses on terrain-aware locomotion which requires reasoning about the robot’s surrounding environment using its on-board perception, and developing on-line strategies using controls, optimization, and learning.