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Showcase Committee

Olly Smith

Committee Chair

Olly has been building robots since age 12, as part of a team that won national and international awards in the FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and Student Robotics Competition. He has been the moderator of r/Robotics since 2013.

He is now undertaking a PhD “Design and Control of Compliant Actuators with application to Humanoid Robots” at the University of Plymouth, where he is also chair of the Robotics Society.

John Hill

Committee Member

John lives the interdisciplinary lifestyle of robotics engineering to its fullest. He discovered robotics for himself at 17 while using everything he learned about programming and electronics from his childhood and found his passion. Since then, he has been active in both industry and academia for the past 14yrs, working systems & software engineering roles focused on perception, localization, mission, and motion-planning. He is presently a Master’s degree student at University of Pittsburgh researching multi-agent control.

Chris Donnell

Committee Member

Chris is a masters student studying robotics engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Coming from a physics background, they enjoy working on system modeling and control theory. However, they’re still trying to get used to that whole “applications to practical problems” that engineers are supposed to do.

Michael Greer

Committee Member

Michael is a graduate student researching the optimal design of robotic devices, as well as a Software Developer for Lincoln Electric Automation R&D. He also maintains a Akin to Kinematics, an instructional robotics blog.